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Grandmaster Max Pallen

Grandmaster Max Pallen teaches this “lethal” Filipino fighting art with a minimum of extraneous techniques or methodologies that can complicate one’s ability to master the art of this old world fighting style.

It is Grandmaster Max Pallen’s belief that a skillful stick fighter should have a minimum amount of offensive and defensive tactics that can be employed in the most ways possible. Basically, reducing the elements that could possible cloud one’s ability to react in a spontaneous manner; especially if they are actually engaged in a realistic stick fighting altercation against another person wielding a similar weapon.

Do you need five blocking techniques when one will suffice? Should you have thirty types of attacks when several are really all that’s needed? What about defending against all points on both sides of the body when only one side is sufficient?

Senkotiros Arnis basically reduces the art of stick fighting to its lowest common denominator. No frills, no wasted movement, no pre-arrangement, or sequential defense and attack maneuvers, and no complex footwork patterns that must coincide with the opponent’s divisive tactics.

Grandmaster Max Pallen has been involved in the stick fighting arts nearly all of his life. Beginning in the Philippine Islands when he was a child. During the past fifty some odd years he has also trained under some of the world’s best stick and knife fighters In his version of Senkotiros he had minimized the strikes down to five basic methods. All inter-related and directly intended to coincide with singular blocking strategies.

Why should one risk serious injury, or death, in a stick or knife “skirmish” by complicating the process of trying to utilize a myriad of offensive-defensive, defensive-offensive ploys in a time when swift, efficient realistic debilitating techniques are required to remedy a situation? This is the moment when time and artful techniques are crucial. Senkotiros addresses these situations from the moment one begins training in this rare and little known Filipino stick fighting art.

Regardless of whether you have had previous stick fighting experience or not, Senkotiros Arnis may be the ideal art that makes sense when it’s one-on-one (mano-mano) and the next instant could make the difference between life or death. Is that the time for “complexity” or “simplicity”? You be the judge! To provide you with more information we have provided a Senkotiros “Frequently Asked Questions” section. Please visit that section of our site.

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