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Grandmaster Max Pallen

When children enter the world, they are 100% dependent upon their relationship with their immediate families for all their needs. As they age, they begin to expand their relationship with others. Senkotiros Arnis can provide a pivotal advantage for any young child during this critical developmental stage. The primary benefit of Senkotiros Arnis training for young people is geared around their emotional and mental development.  By the time your child has mastered many forms of class etiquette and group interaction, with my experience, I can almost guarantee the fullest achievement of these young Senkotiros Arnis practitioners with parental support on my recommendation for balanced training.  As a certified Instructor in Hawaiian combat Kenpo and exposed to Philippine martial art “Arnis” during my younger years, I can be able to relate the art between the two worlds of martial arts. In the Philippines young people learn Philippine martial arts mainly for self-defense.  And because of the environment, they live with regional challenges and survival mentality. 

Our Senkotiros Arnis program teach necessary “protection skills” but, the emphasis is on developing skills on goal setting, self-control, personal self-discipline and self confidence as well as cultural identity for those that has Filipino heritage.  Because of these they find it easier to resist negative peer pressure, improve focus, unaffected by distraction. And with self confidence developed, they will be able to tackle all types of challenges skillfully and be free to pursue many opportunities which life has to offer. 

Few of my junior Guros and Dayangs who will soon be going to University for further education, started with my Hawaiian Kenpo and Senkotiros program since they were 6 to 7 years old, I never thought that it was that long ago.  They are my “special forces.”  They are young but responsible individuals.  If I am not around they take charge. Today I have eight of these young Senkotiros disciples to my regular adults Instructors courses every Sunday when I am back in the Bay Area.  They went through the same initiation like everybody else to be able to belong to this group of Senkotiros practitioners coming from different areas of neighboring Counties for training in Senkotiros Arnis. 

Our Senkotiros Arnis classes start with fundamental program, beginners, intermediate, and advanced and for motivational purposes, award student/s sashes rank when passed the test every quarterly. With four quarters a year, it will take them two years to earn a rank of “Lakan” black sash, and only through recommendation, one can earn to be initiated for the Senkotiros disciple membership after passing the probationary period..

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