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Grandmaster Max Pallen
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The Third Eye

3rd Eye

The Third Eye is a higher state of mind where skill, and intuition meet. It is the highest level of martial arts perception. It is the state of mind one achieves when all of the elements of perception, touch, seeing, sensitivity, etc., are combined with advanced martial arts skill and technique. It is where all of these things come together that allows the practitioner to know what is coming next, and how to respond, without looking. It is the level where you not only sense, but seem to know what is coming next, and when, and how to how to respond, without seeing or thinking. An individual that is strong in the Third Eye has a kind of sixth sense that allows the fighter to know what the opponent is doing almost before they do themselves.

Senkotiros arnis, as with most Philippine martial arts, is simplistic in its basic approach to self-defense. Any motion or technique in the style is straightforward, short, and makes the simplest of motions. With this simplicity comes speed and power.

Senkotiros arnis is also based on the natural movements of the human body. For instance, bringing the hands up to block an attack is an instinctive action and one that comes naturally to us all, passed on from thousands of years of our ancestors defending themselves from the attacks of others. Senkotiros simply uses this instinctive motion, in much the same way, to achieve the same goal. In many instances students need not learn new techniques, but give in to the instinctive motions they already possess.

This also makes the basics easy to learn and quick to understand. The real challenge exists where one must put all of the small simple movement together as one. Many times every part of the body will have a different job to do, or a different technique to execute, all simultaneously. This is what makes the style so challenging and interesting. To many, it is addicting.

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